Neverian Studios featured Model of the Month

To show my appreciation to the ladies and gentlemen who visit my studio, I have decided to, once a month, feature a few of the photos in their portfolio on

Portrait Art by Never M Hall

This month’s featured model is Kelsey Czap of Northfield Minnesota.

Kelsey Czap by Neverian Studios

  Kelsey is 20 years old and currently attending school at Normandale Community College, where she studies Fashion Design and Theater Arts.

  Kelsey takes modeling jobs around the Twin Cities from time to time to earn a little extra cash, but says she doesn’t take it seriously. Her passion is in Theater and Design.

“I dream of one day being an actress and opening my own boutique where I will showcase my clothing line.”

  When asked what kind of clothes she preferred, she answers: “I am most interested in Lolita, Victorian Goth, and Cosplay clothing designs. I feel very comfortable wearing those styles, because they reflect my, sometimes, shy, but fun loving, personality. And I am always searching for artists and designers that share my love for the strange and unusual.”

  As an artist I feel that Kelsey has a future in fashion both in front of the camera and beside it. I can’t wait to see for myself.

  Kelsey has yet to decide if she will be finishing her B.A. at the U of Minnesota or going out of state to stretch her horizons a bit before she starts making a career of her life’s dream. But she says, “…the first phase of my plan is to finish school. Then I can work on making the dream happen.”

  If you would like to learn more about Kelsey or you are interested in working with her, you can find her @

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Boudoir Portraits for Twins Cities Night Life

Kelsey Czap by Neverian Studios

Neverian Studios


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 Now your Main Attractions
can become your Featured Art



Neverian Studios is now offering promotional packages to club owners and managers throughout the Twin Cities area.

These packages are custom designed for each club to add a hint of art and atmosphere t0 Minneapolis and St. Paul’s Favorite Night Clubs.

Packages Feature:

  • up to twenty 16×20 Artistic Portraits of your top performers
  • performers will choose up to 3 costume and style changes
  • a selection of black and white, sepia or full color portraits
  • a choice of shooting your portraits on site or off
  • a choice of poster prints, mounted and/or laminated posters or your choice from a selection of elegent frames to display your art in style
  • and the club will maintian all copy rights to their portraits

Call now to make an appointment for Design Consultation and Details: (612) 924-5123 : email –